IOF demolish facility in Al-Buqai’a plain in the Jordan Valley

PNN/ Jericho/

Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday demolished a residential facility in the Al-Buqai’a plain in the northern Jordan Valley.

The settlement files official in the Jordan Valley file, Moataz Bisharat, said that the occupation forces demolished a residential room belonging to Rami Bani Odeh.

The plain of Al-Buqi’a in the northern Jordan Valley is considered one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the West Bank, which made it the focus of the occupation’s settlement ambitions.

The valley of Al-Baqi’a, with an area of 100,000 acres, extends from eastern Tubas governorate, where the town of Tamoun is until the Jordanian-Palestinian border, and there are many residential communities that work in the field of sheep herding and agriculture.