Tayseer Khaled: Gantz to compete with Netanyahu and Bennett to win settlers’ votes


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, warned Kahol Lavan leaders led by the Minister of War Benny Gantz, alternate Prime Minister of Israel and Minister of Defense, from following the hysteria to expand settlement activities to win over settlers to legitimize settlement housing units built on Palestinian lands contrary even to the laws of occupation, to settle their situation and turning it into legal by activating the “market clause” in the laws of occupation without need to enact new legislation, considering that the aforementioned clause allows settlers to register easily stolen lands and calls on the International Criminal Court to act responsibly and deal with such policy as a war crime that requires accountability of international justice.

This came in light of the news circulated by the political, media, and settler circles that the defense minister and the alternate prime minister in Israel, General Benny Gantz, is heading to approve whitewashing and legalization of about 1,700 illegal housing units, even according to the classification of the occupation, in the settlements of Beitar Illit, Modi’in Illit, Ma’aleh Adumim. Ariel, Yitzhar, Ateret, Halamish, Adora, and Antaniel in an attempt to win over the settlers, just as the leader of the Naftali Bennett, who offers himself an alternative to Netanyahu in the leadership of the extreme right camp in Israel, in preparation for the possibility of Israeli new elections, if not reached on approving the general budget of Israel for the remainder of the current year and 2021.

Tayseer Khaled pointed out that Benny Gantz is promoting his immoral participation in the crime of applying the so-called property laws known as market clause , which are based on establishing ownership of invading settler, claiming that the construction process on private land was carried out in good faith and without prior knowledge of the ownership of the land, to claim that many pieces of land on which thousands of settlement housing units have been built were not known when they are marketed and built upon that they are privately owned, and that it gives the green light to start work in the specialized staff in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, which is formed from the office of defense minister, Michael Biton, and lawmen from the ministries of the army, justice, civil administration (the executive arm of the occupation in the occupied West Bank) and General Benny Gantz’s advisor for settlement affairs, Avi Roya, with the aim of giving legal legitimacy to these settlement housing units and registering their ownership of settlers, allegedly to purchase them establishing homes in so called good faith as war criminals carried out in OPT .