Shtayyeh holds Israel responsible for the death of Abu Waer

PNN/ Ramallah/

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh condoled the family of the prisoner Kamal Abu Waer (46), who has dies on Tuesday evening due to medical neglect in Israeli jails.

Shtayyeh, in a phone call with the father of Abu Waer, said “We console ourselves, our people and the family of the slain, for the loss of a fighter and a righteous son in Palestine, who sacrificed his freedom for the freedom of his people and his homeland.”

He continued “We hold the occupation responsible for the death of Abu Waer, as a result of the intended medical negligence of our prisoners from the prison administrations,” reiterating the call to international and human rights institutions to intervene in order to release the sick, elderly, female prisoners and children from the occupation prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said the health of Abu Waer deteriorated because of Israeli “medical negligence” inside the jail where he suffered from throat cancer and did not receive proper care.

Kamal Abu Waer who was from Qabatiya in the northern West Bank, was detained in 2003 where he received six life sentences, plus 50 years, under accusations of resisting Israeli occupation.

His death puts the number of Palestinian detainees who have died in Israeli jails at 226, according to the PPS.

Israel is currently holding 5,400 Palestinian political detainees, including 42 women, 200 children and 450 held under the Israeli administrative detention policy with no charge or trial, based on Palestinian group’s statistics

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