SHMAS monthly report: IOF targeted 81 homes & facilities for demolition 

PNN/ Ramallah/

SHAMS Center for Human Rights and Democracy issued its monthly monitoring report for the month of October 2020, regarding the demolitions committed against homes and facilities of Palestinian citizens by the occupation “Israel”, the occupying power  during the reporting period during the month of Octiber.

The Center monitored during which the Israeli occupation forces targeted 81 facilities owned by Palestinians, whether by demolition, confiscation, eviction, or the distribution of notifications with the intention of targeting these facilities.

The most prominent violations centered on the demolition operations that affected (36) establishments, including (2) self-demolitions, in which the victims were forced to demolish their facilities themselves under threat of fines, while the occupation forces confiscated and seized two facilities, and notified (43) facilities to be demolished, confiscated, or evacuated. Most of them are residential in addition to educational, commercial, agricultural, recreational and medical others. The facilities that have been targeted with different types of violations, whether by demolition, confiscation, eviction, or notifications, are distributed according to the following: houses (40), residential rooms (5), barracks dwellings (3), tent dwellings (1), caravan dwellings (1), School (1), security medical facility (1), playground (1), commercial facilities (8), parks, gardens and nurseries (2), store (1).

As for the geographical distribution of demolition operations according to the regional index, the Jerusalem governorate was the highest that was targeted with (18) facilities, followed by the Hebron governorate with (11) facilities. The “Shams” center monitored the demolitions according to the governorates in which they took place as follows: Jerusalem (9) demolitions / (18) facilities, Hebron (5) demolitions / (11) facilities, Bethlehem, one demolition / (3) Facilities, Jenin (2) Demolitions / (2) Facilities, Tubas One demolition operation / (1) Facility, Qalqilya One demolition / (1) facility. This is in addition to the seizure of two facilities in Tulkarm.

In view of the notifications, whether of demolition, confiscation, eviction, or stopping construction work and other violations that prevent Palestinians from realizing their right to build, rebuild and invest their facilities, and which indicate the directions of localization of the upcoming Israeli targeting of Palestinian facilities, the governorates of Jerusalem and Bethlehem came in the highest percentage, followed by them Hebron according to the following schedule: Jerusalem (18), Bethlehem (11), Hebron (10), Ramallah (2), and Salfit (2).

Since these operations that target Palestinian establishments do not take place in an isolated area from the population, the number of people affected by them during October reached at least (110) persons, including a large number of children and women, and whose suffering is greater in these cases.

As for the arguments used by “Israel” the occupying power in its attempt to legalize the crime – in October, the number of facilities that were demolished, confiscated, evacuated, or notified under the pretext of building without a permit in Areas (C) reached (78) facilities out of ( 81) one and two facilities under the pretext of their proximity to the Apartheid Wall, and the other as a collective punishment in violation of international law against the families of those who carried out national acts against the occupation.

By focusing on self-demolition, which represents a type of complex and centralized oppression, whereby Palestinian citizens, the vast majority of whom are Jerusalemites, are forced to demolish their homes and facilities in their own hands, under threat of imposing heavy fines on them and bearing the cost of demolition doubled in If they do not do so, which is a striking symmetry of the tools of the racist Israeli system, including courts, local bodies, army and police forces, and constitutes a crime in which victims are forced to participate in implementing it against themselves, the number of facilities that the occupation authorities forced their owners to self-demolish during the month of October reached two , A house in the Shuafat neighborhood owned by the Burgan family, and another in the town of Beit Hanina owned by the Al-Salaymeh family, both of which are in occupied Jerusalem, where the occupation authorities have the greatest influence in the West Bank and the most intense targeting.

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