MADA: 38 violations against media freedoms in Palestine, 31 of which committed by the Occupation

Ramallah /PNN/

October has witnessed a significant rise in the total number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine reaching a total of 38 violations, compared to 31 documented ones in September.

This increase in the total number of violations is attributed to a noticeable escalation in the number of Israeli violations that have considerably doubled, as well as a sharp drop in the number of Palestinian violations limited to two only.

A total of 4 violations committed by Facebook Company were documented in October, closing and blocking news site pages belonging to journalists claiming that “they violate the posting standards”.

Israeli Violations:

The number of Israeli violations has doubled during October, as it amounted to 31 violations compared to 13 Israeli violations documented during September, that is, an increase by 100%, not to mention that many of these violations were compound and involved all journalists as in more than one incident. Journalists were directly targeted, prevented from media coverage, and threatened to be forced to leave the events’ sites, as in the case of Burqa Village, in Ramallah, while covering an olive harvesting event.

There was no noticeable change in the nature of the Israeli violations in terms of type, as most of them fall under the serious attacks against the lives of journalists and freedom of the press, most notably the arrest of three journalists (one of whom was banished from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week), and the injury of 21 journalists while they were covering field events (five of whom were injured by rubber bullets), while the others suffocated and some of them were assaulted.

The Israeli violations have affected: journalist Tareq Abdelrazeq Abi Zaid (arrested and equipment seized), Abdullah Bahsh (injured by a rubber bullet in the right foot), Hassan Khaled Nafe’/Dabous (injured by a rubber bullet in the hand), Ameed Zayed Shehadah (injured by a rubber bullet in the right hand elbow), Ayman Ibrahim Nobani (injured by a rubber bullet in the right shoulder), Hisham Abu Shaqra (injured by a rubber bullet in the neck), Abbas Abdelwahhab Al-Momani (pushed and assaulted), Adel Ibrahim Abu Neima (pushed and assaulted), Khaled Sabarnah (attempted arrest, kicked out and prevented from coverage), Alaa Al-Rimawi (assaulted, attempted seizure of equipment, scratches as a result of a bomb that was thrown at his feet), Imad Mohammad Saed (bruises due to falling from a 2.5-meter wall pushed by a soldier), BBC Network Cameraman Jimmy Moris Michel (suffocated along with a co-worker due to two gas bombs fired at him from zero distance), Mohammad Ali Turkman (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Mutasem Saqf Al-Hait (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Samed Tawfiq Baghdadi (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Issam Husa Al-Rimawi (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Naser Naser (suffocated and prevented from coverage), journalist Abdelrahman Younes (suffocated and prevented from coverage), European Agency cameraman Alaa Tawfiq Badarnah (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Al-Jazeera Live cameraman Mohammad Awad (suffocated and prevented from coverage), Palestine TV staff (including Baker Mohammad Abdelhaq, the cameraman Samer Al-Habash, and the driver Abdullah Sawalmah) that was detained by settlers and prevented from coverage, Palestine TV staff including the cameraman Mohammad Inaya and reporter Anal Al-Gada’ (suffocated after being targeted directly with gas bombs), Moath Amarnah (detained by the police while heading to treatment for an injury caused by soldiers), Abdelrahman Asad Aref Al-Thaher (arrested), Mashhour Al-Wahwah (prevented from coverage), freelance cameraman Abdelafou Bassam Abdelafou Al-Zughair (arrested and alienated from Al-Aqsa).

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