Reports: PA will accept tax money withheld by Israel if Biden wins

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli media claimed Thursday morning that the Palestinian Authority will accept the tax money withheld by the Israeli occupation government and restore security coordination if the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, wins the US elections.

Israel’s Channel 7 quoted whom it described as senior Palestinian sources and officials as saying that the Palestinian Authority will take tax money from Israel if Biden is elected.

The channel explained that officials in the Authority said in closed talks with international officials that the Palestinian Authority intends to take its tax money from Israel, which the PA has refused to take since last may because Israel wanted to cut off from it the salaries of Palestinian prisoners and their families. The taxes have summed up to over USD 3 million since then.

According to the Hebrew Channel’s report, these things were said to European officials and other international officials, whom officials in the Authority have met in recent days.