Virus “likely to spread” as 12 prisoners contract COVID-19

PNN/ Ramallah/

The prison administration of “Gilboa” prison informed the prisoners that (12) prisoners had been infected with the “Coronavirus in Section (3). The number of prisoners in the section is about (90), out of about (360) prisoners who are languishing in “Gilboa” prison, divided into 4 sections.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) confirmed that the infected prisoners had contact with the majority of the prisoners in the aforementioned section, and it is likely that there will be an increase in the number of cases among the prisoners.

In its statement, PPS said that the prison administration continues to announce infections among prisoners with the “Corona” virus, while continuing to monopolize the novel of the epidemic, including the results of prisoners’ samples, and using the epidemic as a tool of repression and abuse, increases the risk to the fate of the prisoners.

The society pointed out that the number of prisoners who have been infected with the Coronavirus since the start of the epidemic last March until today has reached (43) prisoners, including two prisoners whose infection was discovered a day after their release, and the highest rate of rate of infection among the ranks of prisoners in a prison ” Ofer, ”specifically in the“ Al-Mabar ”section.

The PPS once again called on international human rights institutions, led by the International Red Cross, to power up their required responsibilities in light of this dangerous development, which requires effort and double pressure on the occupation to allow the existence of a neutral medical committee that supervises the results and samples of the prisoners.

Despite the continuing spread of the epidemic, the occupation authorities continue to carry out daily arrests, which are in addition to the presence of the guards and their contact with prisoners, and the frequent transfers; The main sources in the transmission of the virus to prisoners, not to mention that the occupation prisons administration has not stopped carrying out repression, incursions and inspections.

It is noteworthy that the occupation has transformed some sections of prisons into so-called “quarantine” centers, which do not meet the minimum health care conditions, but in which the injured prisoner faces a double isolation process and harsh living conditions.

The prisoner club renewed its basic demand for the release of sick prisoners, the elderly and children, as the epidemic continues.

It is noteworthy that the number of prisoners in the occupation prisons reached about 4,400 prisoners at the end of last September, including (700) sick prisoners.

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