Israel recommends measures to plunder large area claiming it is “state land”

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli so-called “Civil Administration” in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 1967 recommended that more land be plundered in the West Bank, by declaring it “state land”, following the abolition of the settlement law and the suspension of the plan to annex areas in the West Bank West Bank to Israel, Israel Hayom newspaper reported, on Monday.

This step aims to prevent Palestinian citizens from entering their lands, which the occupation declared “state land.”

The disclosure of the Civil Administration’s recommendation came through its response to an interrogation submitted by Knesset member Uzi Dayan, from the Likud party, about delaying the declaration of “state land” after conducting a survey. Dayan considered that the Palestinian Authority “controls without hindrance the lands of a state in Area C”.

The occupation authorities declare “state lands” after conducting a survey of lands, claiming that they have not been cultivated for a while. In this way, “Israel” plundered approximately 780 thousand dunums in Area C. The Palestinian landowners and human rights organizations are petitioning the Israeli Supreme Court against the declaration of “state lands.”

According to the newspaper, the occupation conducted a survey of 106 thousand dunams and hundreds of thousands of dunums that were “uncultivated” and that “state land” had not been declared yet. Therefore, “dozens of settlements” are awaiting the plunder of these lands by declaring them “state lands.”

In the response of the Coordinator of the Israeli Government’s Activities in the Occupied Territories to Dayan’s questioning, “Our basic recommendation is to gradually impose a land settlement in Judea and Samaria, the result of which is conclusive and final, and the preferences for land settlement are greater than the resources invested in declaring state land, which is attacked with appeals and courts. “These procedures sometimes extend for years, even after their announcement, and their approval is not absolute, unlike the land settlement.”

The former Israeli Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, had expressed support for this “settlement” of lands, and the attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, approved it, and the recommendation was transferred to the office of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the security ministers during the last two years.

The newspaper considered that “against the backdrop of the abolition of the settlement law (the legalization of outposts and unauthorized buildings in the settlements), and the delay in pushing the deal of the century and imposing sovereignty (the annexation scheme), it seems that only the land settlement procedures will lead after more than fifty years to a real settlement. The status of the lands in Judea and Samaria and the registration of homes in the settlements in the Land Registry provides a true response to the efforts of the Palestinians in recent years, who themselves began a land settlement procedure. About 600 people work for the Palestinian Authority to settle lands. In this way, they claim ownership of land, including it in Area C, although it is assumed that it will be declared state land. The Civil Administration does not recognize land registration in the Palestinian Authority.

“I am a big supporter of imposing sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria,” Dayan said. Jordan should be our eastern border. Until that happens, we are prohibited from abandoning the area. Attention should be paid to settling the lands of the vast majority of settlements.