MoH: Rise in Coronavirus cases in Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/

Adviser to the Minister of Health, Dr. said. Fathi Abu Warda said that Coronavirus cases in the Gaza Strip began to rise, especially in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, due to the citizens ’lack of commitment to health and preventive measures.

In an interview with “Voice of Palestine” radio, this morning, Sunday, Abu Warda called on citizens to adhere to spacing, wearing masks, hygiene, the elderly and those with weak immunity to take the seasonal flu vaccine, indicating that several areas in the Strip were closed due to the spread of the virus.

Abu Warda added that the Minister of Health, Dr. Mai Kaileh is following around the clock developments in the situation and the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip, indicating that the ministry is fully prepared and prepared to confront the virus.

With regard to surveys and laboratory materials to examine Corona, the advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr. Fathi Abu Warda said that its deficiency is global, and that it is scarce in Gaza as well as in the West Bank, stressing that the Ministry of Health does not hesitate to send everything necessary to the Gaza Strip.

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