Israeli intelligence reveals Israeli interests in Sudan for the coming years 

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Ministry of Intelligence published a report covering Israeli interests in Sudan in the coming years, mainly highlighting security and military issues, refugees and tourism over Sudan to other countries, but not tourism in Sudan itself.

On Friday, a joint American-Israeli-Sudanese declaration was issued, talking about normalizing relations and ending hostility, after a phone call that included the US President, Donald Trump, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and the Sudanese Prime Minister, Abd Praise be to Allah.

Before going into the details of the report, the ministry warned that Israel should match “the level of services and their costs to the Sudanese government’s resource crisis,” which heralds a low level of services.

Security interests First: to stop the supply of weapons to Gaza

The report pointed out that the primary Israeli concern in Sudan is security. “Sudan is located on the shores of the Red Sea (and supervises) the smuggling of people, weapons and trade from north to south. Sudan’s location can help reduce the risk of hostile parties being positioned along the main shipping line for Israel. In the long run, there is the possibility of joint security operations in the region.

The report continues, “In the wake of the agreement, Sudan can help prevent arms smuggling on the Sudan-Egypt-Gaza line, and prevent the positioning of parties preparing for hostile sabotage operations on its territory and the possibility of thwarting the establishment of naval bases for hostile parties such as Iran and Turkey on the shores of the Red Sea.”

The report pointed out that Israel could assist Sudan “in defending its borders and in exporting security equipment. However, there is a high risk of using Israeli technology against opponents of the regime or opposition parties by harming human rights. Therefore, at this stage, the possibility of direct security exports is minimal. ”

Prevention of immigration and infiltration

The report pointed to the possibility of cooperation between Sudan and Israel in the field of immigration and infiltration, “Although the infiltration crisis from Sudan is almost solved (most refugees and migrants seeking work are looking for other goals), an improvement in relations between the two countries is likely to allow the return of part of the applicants. Work to Sudan ”.

In the field of tourism, it was remarkable that no Israeli tourism is imminent in Sudan, but that the exclusive benefit is Israeli, to shorten flights to targets in Africa such as Ethiopia, South Africa or Latin America, and the report reduced tourism inside Sudan, saying that it is “not developed and very limited. Because of the security situation and Islamic legislation that was followed until recently.

Yesterday, Friday, Netanyahu said, “Delegations from Sudan and Israel will meet soon to discuss cooperation in many areas, including agriculture, trade and other important areas.” He added, “Sudan’s sky is open to Israel today, and this allows direct and shorter trips between Israel, Africa and South America. “.

While the American-Israeli-Sudanese declaration said that the leaders of Israel, America and Sudan agreed to start economic and trade relations between Sudan and Israel, with an initial focus on agriculture, and that America would take steps to restore Sudan’s sovereign immunity and work with international partners to ease its debt burden.