BDS movement condemns US plan to label rights organizations antisemitic


Reports say the US government plans to label major international human rights organizations “antisemitic,” cynically conflating criticism of Israeli violations of Palestinian rights with antisemitism and undermining the vital fight against real antisemitism:

By smearing leading human rights organizations as “antisemitic,” the corrupt and increasingly authoritarian Trump Administration is escalating its relentless war on human rights, justice, and the truth. It is also entrenching its criminal partnership with Israel’s far-right regime, including in its desperate attempts to conflate opposition to its occupation and apartheid against Palestinians with anti-Jewish racism.

The anti-racist BDS movement for Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality, stands with all those struggling for a more dignified, just, and beautiful world – including the named human rights and development organizations – against Trump’s McCarthyite attempts to intimidate and bully them into complacency and complicity in human rights abuses.

As added background, the BDS movement has a longstanding policy of opposing all forms of racism and discrimination, including antisemitism.