Report highlights Israeli official incitement during September

PNN/ Ramallah/

This report highlights recent racist and inciting statements made by senior Israeli officials, including parliament (Knesset) members, against the Palestinian leadership and people, including martyrs and prisoners and their families, the BDS movement, and Human Rights Defenders.

I. Palestinian Prisoners, Martyrs, and their Families

Uzi Dayan – Member of Likud party, (Facebook, 22 September)

“Stones also kill! My demand was finally met for an emergency session in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the policy of combating terrorism. We will summon the victims of stone terrorism and decide on vital effective measures: shooting in the field and supporting the victims, demolishing the homes of terrorists and their aides, expelling families, stopping payments to the terrorists and their families, legal support, and all that is necessary…”

Ayelet Shaked – Member of Yemina party, (Facebook, 15 September)

“Because the Palestinian Authority (PA) pays salaries to these terrorists, the state can confiscate the PA’s tax revenues and transfer them to the (Israeli) bereaved families …”


Naftali Bennett – Chairman of Yemina party, (Facebook, 3 September)

“In secret, and without our knowledge, both Netanyahu and Gantz have once again rejected the decision (for the third time) to stop the transfer of salaries to terrorists and their families (…) This means that hundreds of killers of Israelis will continue to receive fat salaries as a reward. 110,000,000 shekels every month (!) Why did Netanyahu and Gantz reject? Because they fear the Palestinian Authority’s response and the protests. Sure, there could be protests, but that’s why we have the IDF1. I say again and again: This money encourages the next terrorist to go out and kill Israelis. It is very distorted, immoral, and dangerous to allow this money to be transferred in exchange for killing …”

II. BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement/ Human Rights Defenders


Uzi Dayan -Member of Likud party, (Facebook, 22 September)

“Anti-Israel = anti-Semitic. The following message is part of our ongoing struggle against BDS organizations in particular and anti-Semitism in general. I am conveying this message to you on behalf of the “Shurat HaDin”2  organization, which is representing Rebecca Ram 3 in a defamation lawsuit against the BDS activist, who targeted her in a shaming campaign…”

Avi Dichter – Member of Likud party, (Facebook10 September)

“I proposed a bill in the Knesset, in cooperation with Knesset Member Matan Kahane. This bill will correct a provision in the Penal Code that allows the prosecution of Israelis who transfer sensitive information to foreign bodies or terrorist organizations intending to harm Israel’s national security and endangering the lives of its citizens.

Thus, organizations claiming to be human rights organizations such as “Ta’ayush”4  have caused innocent Palestinians to be interrogated by the Palestinian Authority and disappear completely. Organizations such as “Breaking the Silence” and BDS have slandered IDF soldiers before “justice bodies” around the world, with the aim of turning them into war criminals.

From now on, every citizen who acts against the State of Israel, for the Palestinian Authority or any other hostile body in the world, knows that he will be criminally prosecuted and punished with the utmost severity.”

Kathrin (Keti) Shitrit – Member of Likud, (Facebook, 9 September)

“The Ministry of Interior allows BDS founder Omar Barghouti to work from inside Israel! Germany and Austria declared BDS an anti-Semitic movement, and Britain refused to grant him an entry visa due to his ties to terrorism and anti-Semitism. How is it possible for Israel not to withdraw his residency and let him work freely within its borders?”

III. President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership


Matan Kahane – Member of Yemina party, (Facebook, 10 September)

“The Palestinian Authority is an enemy and should be treated as such.

It is time to correct the law’s breach, which deals easily with Israelis that are cooperating with Palestinian Preventive Security. The law for cooperating with a foreign body is outdated.5 The existing law does not refer to the Palestinian Authority (as it did not exist at the time this law was enacted). The Israelis who cooperate with Palestinian intelligence, “Preventive Security,” are accused, if at all, of minor offenses because the Palestinian Authority is not on the list of foreign bodies.

Today, in cooperation with my colleague, Knesset member Avi Dichter, I submitted an amendment to the “contact with a foreign body” law to include the Palestinian Authority. Collaborators who work with the Palestinian Authority against the interests of the State of Israel must be punished with the utmost severity penalties as those who have had contact with an enemy state.”

IV. Additional Examples

Avi Dichter – Member of Likud party, (Facebook, 8 September)

“Khan al-Ahmar6 is a symptom, the problem is Area C. The Palestinian Authority has built a reinforcement strategy in Area C at the State of Israel’s expense. Khan al-Ahmar is not the largest place. According to the Civil Administration, there are some thousands of homes that have been built without a permit and dozens of kilometers of roads. The Palestinian Authority turned Khan al-Ahmar into a driving force to mobilize the European Union and other organizations. This is not a sacred or controversial locality. This is an illegal locality that needs to be moved to its assigned place. Unfortunately, we have been discussing this issue for a very long time. After the Supreme Court approved the evacuation of the locality, we continue to procrastinate. The more they build and the less we destroy, our deterrence erodes, and their audacity grows stronger!”