Palestinian olive-pickers sustain injures and fractures due to settlers attack

PNN/ Ramallah/

Two Palestinian men were sustained bruises and fractures, as a result of settlers’ attacks on olive pickers in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah.

Head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Walid Assaf, stated that this morning, with the support and presence of the commission, dozens of farmers were finally able to enter their lands, which they were prevented from accessing for more than 10 years, accompanied by dozens of volunteers and protection committees, to pick the olive harvest. However, they were attacked by Settlers of “Migron” illegal settlement, established on the lands of the village, with the protection of the occupation forces.

He added that these settlers attacked the farmers and wounded two of them, and tried to expel them from their lands, but the authority, volunteers and the people confronted them and forced them to withdraw.


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