Israeli intelligence says will oppose US sale of F35 aircraft to Qatar

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Minister of Intelligence, Eli Cohen told Reuters on Sunday, that Israel will oppose any US sale of F-35 aircraft to Qatar, in response to a report published by the agency that the State of Qatar has submitted a formal request to purchase this type of the most advanced combat aircrafts in the world.

US President, Donald Trump, expressed his approval of the sale of F35 aircraft to the UAE within the framework of the alliance agreement and the normalization of relations that the latter signed with “Israel”, in the middle of last month.

While the “Yedioth Aharonot” newspaper revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had agreed to sell these aircraft to the Emirates, Netanyahu denied it in the wake of strong opposition in Israel to this deal.

Cohen said in previous statements that “we will act against any arms sale that harms the qualitative military superiority of the state of Israel, including F35 planes,” adding that “the Israeli security superiority in the region is important and must be preserved.”

Early last week, the Jerusalem Post reported that members of the Republican and Democratic parties in the House of Representatives of the US Congress had proposed a bill to give Israel a de facto “veto” in order to prevent the sale of US weapons to countries in the Middle East.

A press release on the bill said that it “requires the president to consult with the Israeli government to ensure that concerns (about QME) are resolved when it comes to arms sales to Middle Eastern countries.”

The newspaper pointed out that the current US law guarantees Israel a qualitative military advantage in the Middle East, but Congress is the final decision maker to conclude and implement arms deals, not Israel.

According to the newspaper, most of the sponsors of the bill are Democrats, including Jewish representatives, such as Brad Schneider and Ellen Luria from Virginia, Max Rose from New York, Josh Gutheimer from New Jersey, and Ted Deutsch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz from Florida.

They expressed their concern after it was revealed that, in parallel to the Israeli-Emirati agreement, brokered by the Donald Trump administration, the latter agreed to a deal for Big F35 jets for the UAE. The Israeli lobby in the United States, AIPAC, also expressed its support for the new bill.