ActionAid Palestine to Continue Responding to Spread of COVID-19 in Gaza Strip

PNN/ Gaza/

Gaza Strip (GS)-Occupied Palestinian Territory-ActionAid Palestine (AAP) continued implementing its emergency interventions by providing 547 families with hygiene kits and food parcels. This intervention targets eight communities in the areas of Rafah, Khan Younis including (Eastern Rafah,town of Rafah, Al-Shaborah, Western Rafah,Bani Suhila, Khuzaha, Abasan al-Jadeeda-Abasan Al-Kabeera) through AAP’s programme of Local Rights and Resilience it runs in GS.This response will respond to the needs of the women survivors of Violence and families headed by women and most affected by COVID-19 and strengthen their resilience during the lockdown resulting from the spread of the virus and  the prolonged blockade on Gaza over the 13 years.

During last month, AAP in partnership with Ma’an Development Center and Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care identified the hygiene and food needs of the targeted groups and responded to their urgent needs after the increase in the number of the people infected with COVID-19 outside health quarantine in August.

AAP and its local partners in the targeted areas empowered youth and increased their participation in national and sub-national decision-making processes related to preventive measures for combating COVID-19.

Empowering youth was achieved by engaging youth and women members of preparedness and response committees in this response. This response also highlighted the leading role the youth play in emergency, stages of decision-making process and community interventions stressing the necessity to ensure fulfilling the needs of the marginalized groups in the response taken by the local authorities. 17 youth members of those committees were trained on how to address emergency cases, safety, preventive measures and social distance.