EU organizes dates picking day with young Palestinians in Jericho

Jericho /PNN/

The European Union Representative Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, joined by the Governor of Jericho and the Jordan Valley, Jihad Abu Al Asal, and the Dates and Palms Council Representative, Ibrahim Du’aq, harvested dates while meeting young Palestinians at Al Wadi Dates Farm. The activity was organized in partnership with the Sharek Youth Forum, represented by the founding member Bader Zamareh, to celebrate the Dates season in Palestine and promote local agribusinesses.

After the work in the field, the European Union Representative also visited the packaging center where the harvested dates were prepared for consumer use both in local and international markets. Over the years, Palestinian dates have become known for their quality and taste in regional and international markets, including in Europe.

Together with 100 Palestinian young volunteers, the European Union Representative participates in a dates picking day at the “Al Wadi Farm” in Jericho to celebrate the dates season in Palestine.

“I am happy to join you at the Dates farm today, together with young Palestinian people to harvest dates during the annual season in Jericho. Palestinian agribusiness is crucial for the economic growth and stability in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in Area C and the Jordan Valley.

The daily struggle of Palestinian farmers and businesses, exacerbated by the ongoing global pandemic, requires extraordinary efforts in order to protect and expand local business opportunities. The European Union, as a trusted and committed partner, has been supporting the Palestinian economy and its agriculture businesses for many years now.

Our continued support is inspired by the hope that the young people of Palestine are best placed to create a better future and live in peace and security,” said the European Union Representative Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff.

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