Khaled: Legislative and presidential elections is a must for national unity

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Tayseer Khaled, member of the PLO Executive Committee and the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the general legislative, presidential and for the Palestinian National Council is a long-awaited national democratic entitlement within a framework and context of protecting the right of the Palestinian citizens to practice democracy . It must be respected for many considerations, including the fact that in our Palestinian case, general elections seem to be the shortest way to overcome division that has corrupted and destroyed political life and is an entry for restoring the unity of the Palestinian political system.


He emphasized that the most important thing in this context is to answer to the question: Which legislative council do we want, do we want a legislative council that works according the agreements that have been signed with the Israeli occupation state, or a legislative council that begins its work with laws that move us toward democracy, accountability, oversight and accountability and contribute at the same time our liberation from the restrictions of these agreements, which damage Palestinian national interests and rights and provided cover for settlements activities , which turned our country into ghettos controlled by the occupation forces and settlers with harm in details our  Palestinian citizens’ lives.


Based on that, he demanded updating the voter registry in the territories of the State of Palestine under occupation in general and in the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs in particular, and liberate  this registry from Israeli restrictions that caused the decrease in participation rate of Jerusalemites in the presidential and legislative elections that took place in 1996 and in 2005 and 2006, when participation was limited to a few thousand as a result of arrangements that should not be repeated and the deceitful operations imposed by Israel on the leadership of the Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization at the time,


He called for the preparations for this process, that is, agreement on the date of the elections and the issuance of the presidential decree regarding  it , the updating of the voter registry in Jerusalem and its suburbs, and the guarantee of the right of Jerusalemites to participate on the largest scale in ,  to beginn political, diplomatic and public struggle  in which the American collusion with Israel will be confronted by excluding Jerusalem from any political  settlement , extracting the right of Jerusalemites to participate side by side and on an equal footing with other citizens of the State of Palestine under occupation in electing their representatives in the bodies and institutions of the state of Palestine , as defined by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 67/19 of 2012 and UN Security Council Resolution No. 2334 of 2016 and calling on all countries to stand by the people of Palestine and to move the Israeli  government to respect the rights of Palestinians to elect their constitutional institutions and renew their legitimacy without restrictions and without external interference.


Tayseer Khaled wished all pal. Parties to agree to run these elections with lists in three camps, the national camp, the Islamic camp and the democratic camp as a guarantor force, and at the same time he stressed the need to respect the results of these elections without being subject to any Israeli or American conditions or the well-known and ridiculous international Quartet conditions and managing these elections in a civilized manner and a modern and democratic electoral law that adopts proportional representation without a deduction rate , in order to allow  widest participation in this process and in the institutions that stem from it, whether legislative or executive, out of a sense of national responsibility that we are in a phase of national liberation that cannot bear borrowing slogans as power exchange that strike at the core of consensual democracy, which is indispensable for the gathering of energies and forces in our struggle for liberation from occupation , which is still a higher authority in the conditions and the conditions of the national liberation phase in which we live.


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