Nuseir Yassin, who is behind the Facebook account Nas Daily, shot on Aug 6, 2019. Photo: Nuria Ling/TODAY

BDS calls on boycotting “Nas Daily” over normalization

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement called for a boycott of the Israeli blogger Nussair Yassin, also known as “Nas Daily”, for his videos which normalize Israel and whitewashing the crimes of the military occupation of Palestine.

In a statement, BDS  called on “content creators and influential people in the Arab region to boycott his upcoming program, which aims to implicate them in normalization.

The statement said that the normalization helps Israel to hide its crimes, and pointed out that the head of training in this academy is called Yonatan Belek, who served in the Israeli occupation army.

“Nas” has been accused repeatedly of helping to whitewash the image of the Israeli occupation, as he claimed in a minute-long video about the establishment of “Israel in 1948”, and that the Palestinians left and killed some and some remained in their land, adding that he “chose to accept the borders of Israel and Palestine and move forward because In “life there are more valuable things than a piece of land.”

The statement criticized the cooperation movement between Nass Academy and New Media Academy, a digital training institution launched in the UAE.

“Nas Daily” is considered one of the most famous Arab figures on YouTube, with more than eight million followers on Facebook and 1.6 million on Instagram, and he has garnered wide fame because of his videos since 2016.

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