Gaza: Available COVID-19 swabs are enough for 48 hours only 

PNN/ Gaza/

Ayman Al-Halabi, Director of the Support Medical Services Department at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, stated that the ministry suffers from severe shortage in the number of swabs used to examine the emerging corona virus.

Al-Halabi indicated in radio statements, on Saturday, that the swabs available at the Ministry of Health are enough for 48 hours only, pointing out that the DNA testing tools for the Corona virus are sufficient for only a few hours.

He stressed that the central laboratory will stop working if it is not supported by the requirements of Corona, pointing out that the Palestinian government delegation has been informed of the health sector requirements.

He added, “We are talking about a serious crisis and we demand urgent assistance for the central laboratory.”

The total number of cases in the Gaza strip hit 2,313, with 1,810 active cases and 90 others recorded during the past 24 hours. Experts say that the spread of the virus in the Gaza strip would be deadly, due to the heavy population and the lack of resources.