Shtayyeh: Washington celebration of normalization is a black day in the Arab history

PNN/ Ramallah/

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh called on Arab countries to reject the UAE-Bahrain move, and not to participate in the celebration of normalization with Israel, which will be held in Washington today.

Shtayyeh added, at the start of the weekly cabinet session held in Ramallah on Monday that “We are witnessing a black day in the history of the Arab nation, and a defeat for the institution of the Arab League, which is no longer a league, but has become separated, and a wedge of Arab solidarity.”

“This day will be added to the calendar of Palestinian pain and the record of Arab fractures. Today the Arab peace initiative is being killed, Arab solidarity dies, and we must rise together”.

Shtayyeh continued: “The Arab rush to the occupation state, which started in the Emirates, then Bahrain, with the signing of an Arab surrender agreement to the deal of the century, comes after Palestine thwarted the main part of this deal, to find itself struggling with its back exposed from eastern Arabs in the Emirates and Bahrain.”

The Prime Minister affirmed: “We are in the city of suffering; Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem), we are facing one attack after another on our sanctities, and one blow after another from the occupation and its colonial machine, armed and believing in our right first, and the sincerity of belonging to the Arab nation and its sincere people with us second, and international legitimacy and international law third.

In his speech, Shtayyeh indicated that “the cabinet is studying the recommendation of His Excellency the President to correct Palestine’s relationship with the Arab League, which stands silent in front of the blatant violation of its decisions, from which nothing has been implemented in the first place, and which has become a symbol of Arab impotence.”

The Prime Minister considered Arab normalization with Israel as a violation of Arab dignity, which is being degraded, and asked: “Is it reasonable for Arabs only to accept that Israel allows them to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque while it is under occupation, and Arabs have no more than the right to a conditional visit to Al-Aqsa!”

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