August: 12 violations against media freedoms in Palestine

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August has witnessed a decrease in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine compared to the preceding month.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” has documented during August a total of 12 violations against media freedoms, 4 of which were committed by the Israeli occupation while various Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have committed 7 violations. This is in addition to one violation committed by Facebook Company, compared to a total of 20 violations that were committed during July.

This decrease is attributed to the limited field events and activities which usually witness violations and assaults by the Israeli occupation forces against the demonstrators and journalists who cover such events.

Israeli Violations

The Israeli violations documented during the past month were limited to four, including the arrest of journalist Musab Saeed from his home in Birzeit, Ramallah, the injury of journalist Ibrahim Abdel Majid Abu Shaar (from Gaza), and journalist Mai Farhan Shehadeh (from Tulkarm), with severe suffocations as a result of gas bombs, which the Israeli army fired towards them. Also, an armed setller prevented WAFA cameraman, Mashhour Hassan Mahmoud Al-Wahwah, from covering an anti-settlement activity in Yatta, Hebron and threatening him in the presence of Israeli soldiers, without them interfering.

Palestinian Violations

During August, 7 Palestinian violations were committed, 6 of which in Gaza Strip and one in the West Bank. These violations are: summoning the freelance journalist Muein Tayseer Al-Dabbah by the General Investigations of Gaza twice and forcing him to sign a pledge not to publish any information or pictures on the work of the charitable societies in Gaza Strip for sharing an image and comment criticizing one of these charities, preventing an event of the Journalists Movements Office by the security services in Gaza, summoning the journalist Mohammad Al-Haddad by the General Investigations in Khan Younes three times and questioning him about his Facebook posts, and preventing the Administration of MAAN TV to host one of the guests of “Kilimten o bas/ two words only” program, presented by the media professional Nahed Abu Taima, as a result of pressures exerted by some of the Executive Authority parties, forcing Abu Taima to cancel the episode in protest.

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