Palestinian prisoner martyred three months ahead of his release

PNN/ Ramallah/

Palestinian prisoner Dawud Talaat Al-Khatib, from Bethlehem, has passed away on Wednesday night in Ofer prison, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

PPS said that prisoner Al-Khatib was martyred in Ofer prison as a result of a heart attack, adding that he has been detained for 19 years, while only three months of his sentence remained.

Al-Khatib was arrested during the Israeli incursions in 2001, and was a member of the General Intelligence Service, where he was arrested on charges of resisting the occupation and the Israeli invasions at the beginning of the second intifada.

For its part, the Prisoners and Ex-Priosoners’ Affairs Commission confirmed the death of the prisoner, Al-Khatib, noting that he had suffered a heart attack in 2017 while he was in Rimon Prison, and was then transferred to Soroka Hospital.

It added that the prisoner Al-Khatib was supposed to be released after four months, that is, on December 4, when the term of his sentence, which he spent in  suffering and absence of the Israeli occupation prison service.

The commission pointed out that with the martyrdom of the al-Khatib, the number of martyrs of the captured movement since 1967 increased to 225.

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