Gaza hospitals suffer from electricity crisis due to Israeli blockade


Prolonged power outages are disrupting medical services in Gaza bringing the blockaded coastal enclave closer to a humanitarian disaster.

Power outages currently last for up to twenty hours a day in the coastal sliver under the crippling Israeli blockade forcing hospitals to rely on electricity backup generators as their main source of power.

The electricity crisis has disrupted the lives of the people in the Gaza Strip for years. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza says the electricity crisis continues to deepen.

Gaza’s sole power generating plant stopped working on Tuesday after Israel refused to allow fuel into the blockaded coastal strip. More power outages will only mean more suffering for close to two million Palestinians.

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Gaza hospitals are already suffering due to a lack of medicines and hospital supplies under the tight blockade. Many patients depend on electricity to survive including those with renal failure and patients ةشهى on life support.

People in the Gaza Strip have been struggling with Israeli since 2007. Hospitals in the tiny coastal sliver continue to grapple with severe power outages as a result of Israel’s inhumane and illegal policies. The shutdown of the power plant will only make things worse.

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