Russia announces registration of COVID-19 vaccine

PNN/ Moscow/

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today, Tuesday, the registration of the first vaccine against the Coronavirus in the world.

The Russian President said during a meeting with members of the government, through “video conference” technology: “I have been informed that a vaccine against the Corona virus has been registered this morning for the first time in the world.”

Putin added that this vaccine passed all tests.

Emphasis on the safety of the Russian vaccine against the “Corona” virus

The Vice President of the Russian Consumer Rights Organization, Valentina Koscenko, commented on the calls to delay the registration of the vaccine against the coronavirus, saying that the drug companies’ allegations about it are based on ignorance of its results.

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations in particular had suggested to the Ministry of Health not to register the vaccine until the successful completion of the third phase of clinical trials.

“Several hundreds of volunteers were vaccinated with this vaccine, and there were no serious adverse reactions,” Kusenko replied. It is clear that the Association of Clinical Research Organizations, without having any knowledge of the results, came to this conclusion. ”

The vice-president of the Russian Authority for Consumer Rights and Citizen Welfare stated that the third phase of research related to the vaccine envisages the participation of several thousand volunteers, and these will be the largest clinical studies that will be allowed in conditions of the “Covid-19” pandemic.

Kusenko stressed that Russia has a rich history in developing and producing vaccines, so she is confident that the vaccine against the coronavirus will be in compliance with the approved requirements.

The Russian Fund for Direct Investments and the “Gamali” National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research are working actively to launch the production of the first vaccine based on adenoviruses in Russia, and it is currently undergoing clinical trials, which began at Sechinovsk University in Moscow on June 18, with the participation of 38 volunteers.

The results made it possible to confirm the safety of the vaccine, and all the test participants developed immunity to infection, and the first group of volunteers was discharged on July 15, and the second on July 20.

The Gamali Center has also conducted tests, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. An examination of the volunteers on the 42nd day after vaccination showed that all of them developed a clear immune response, and no side complications were detected.

As announced by the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, the authorities are planning to start vaccinating residents in October, and doctors and the elderly will be the first to receive the drug.