Qalqilya : Israeli Settlers set two vehicles on fire

PNN/ Qalqilya/

Governor of Qalqilya, Major-General Rafe’ Rawajbeh condemned the aggression carried out by settlers on Tuesday in the town of Faraata, east of the governorate, where they burned two vehicles in the town, one of which is a public transport cab vehicle and the other is a private vehicle.

The Governor in a statement said that the extremist right-wing government that governs Israel is the one that gave green light to carry out such acts, which showcase the hatred of settlers, and the extent of the destruction of the Palestinians and their lands as a result of these repeated attacks, which cannot be tolerated.

The governor called on the international community and the United Nations to provide protection to the Palestinian people, give them a hand and help, and force the far-right government.

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