PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled. Source:

Tayseer Khaled: Israel lost mind by preventing Palestinian children from traveling


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front, described the prohibition of the Israeli occupation authorities two Palestinian women to travel through the Karama crossing on the pretext that their children are not registered in Bet Eil as provocative and immoral.

He added that the occupation authorities, in this inhumane act, have opened a new record of colonial practices, which reflects a sick mindset that traps children and deprives them of the right to travel and movement just because they are not registered in the Israeli computer but rather in the identities of their mothers by the ministry of Interior in Palestine, restoring and deprives them of joining their parents working in the United Arab Emirates in a flagrant violation of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of Child, which guarantees children the right to identity, nationality, freedom of movement with parents and their care.

He continued that the occupying power commits a new crime that no country in the world has ever preceded in an inhumane dealing with children and believes that it retaliates the Palestinian side, who decided in the context of the disengagement with the occupation last May, to liberate the Palestinian population registry from subordination to the population registry controlled by occupation, such as birth and death records, issuing identities and driving licenses, and issuing passports away from the interference, control, and approval of the occupation authorities,

At the same time, Tayseer Khaled affirmed that the Palestinian side will continue liberating the population registry from the influence of the Israeli computer in Beit El, and called the international community to take responsibility and protect the rights of Palestinian children to have, as all the children of the world, the right to bear a national ID, that is not affiliated with the occupation state and not subject to their approval, control and to protect their right on this basis, their freedom of movement to and from their homeland and their right to enjoy family unification and parenting in Palestine and anywhere else away from the control of retaliatory Israeli racist colonial measures