IOF continue to detain prisoner Abu Wa’ar while suffering cancer and COVID-19

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The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) on Wednesday said that the prisoner Kamal Abu Wa’ar, who suffers from cancer and “Corona” virus, is still being held in the Israeli “Asaf Harofeh” hospital, without knowing precise details about his health condition, except what the Prison Administration of the Occupation announced to his fellow prisoners that he underwent surgery to place a tube Breathe in, sleep under medications and stay for several days.

In its report, PPS reviewed the most important information related to the prisoner Abu Waar, who faces prisoner, cancer and epidemic today.

– The prisoner Kamal Abu Wa’ar was born on the date of July 25, 1974 in Kuwait, and his family has returned to Palestine five years earlier. He is the second son of a family of six, residing in the town of Qabatiya in Jenin.

Kamal completed high school, joined the 17 forces, and the occupation continued to pursue him for three years, due to his resistance to the occupation before his arrest in 2003 AD. He was subjected to a harsh investigation that lasted for more than 100 days in a row, and the occupation sentenced him to repeated life imprisonment 6 times, and (50) years .

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The occupation prohibited his family from visiting him for three consecutive years after his arrest, and only a year ago, his brothers were allowed to visit him.

– Prisoner Abu Wa’ar participated in all open hunger strikes, and in supportive strikes of his captured comrades, the last of which was a strike in 2017.

– Prisoner Abu Wa’ar suffered from previous health problems in the blood during his detention, and was able to treat them, but in 2019, his health condition began to deteriorate gradually, until he was diagnosed with cancer in the throat, and since 2019, he started facing cancer in difficult detention conditions. Harsh, and during the past months his health condition worsened, after the size of the tumor in the throat increased.

At the time, his captive comrades sent a message in which they said, “We in the captive movement appeal to international institutions, the Palestinian leadership and human rights institutions, and the Palestinian resistance, quick intervention to save the life of the prisoner Kamal Abu Waar whose health condition is worsening day by day and we bear full responsibility for the occupation and for all who fall short in Respond to our request to release him. ”

– On the date of July 12, 2020, the occupation announced that it was infected with the Covid 19 (Corona) virus, after it was transferred from Gilboa Prison, where it is located, to a civilian hospital for occupation, to perform a surgical operation for it. Later, the Prison Administration of the Occupation informed its fellow prisoners who They demanded that the prison administration allow them to make a phone call with their companion to check on his health in light of the current complications with the spread of the epidemic, and it became clear that the prisoner Abu Wa’ar had performed surgery to place a breathing tube for him, without knowing any accurate information about his health status until now.

In this context, the PPS called on all the competent authorities, headed by the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, and all international human rights institutions, to intervene seriously and effectively to protect the prisoner Kamal Abu Waar, and to hold the occupation fully responsible for his fate and the fate of all prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.

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