Surge of COVID-19: Shtayyeh calls on Israel to close the crossings and the UN to monitor

PNN/ Ramallah/

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh announced that the government will send a request to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) to carry out the tasks of controlling entry and exit traffic at the crossings established on the lines of June 4, 1967, in order to control the movement of entry and exit to and from the state of Palestine.

Shtayyeh confirmed that the main reason for the dangerous upward path of the novel Coronavirus, which exceeded an advanced stage, was due to preventing the Palestinian security forces from carrying out their tasks to control movement on those crossings, and he said: “Our lack of control over the crossings, borders and occupation measures is the main reason for increasing the number of infections by “Corona,” demanding the occupation state to close the crossings at the borders of 67.

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This came during his speech at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting held in the city of Ramallah on Monday, in which he announced the government’s response to all the recommendations of the ministerial committee that visited the Hebron Governorate yesterday, and closely examined the needs of its citizens to confront the upward curve in the virus outbreak.

Addressing the citizens of the governorate, Shtayyeh said, “You are not alone with you all of the country, and with our cooperation we can contain the distress.” Announcing the government’s response to the Ministry’s requirements, by equipping the hospitals of Al-Mohtaseb, the Hebron government, Yatta, Dhahria and Dura, in addition to strengthening health and medical cadres, enhancing the security presence in the governorate, solving the problem of ambulances, and paying the dues of private hospitals, in addition to allocating emergency funds to local authorities In which.

The Prime Minister stressed that the competent agencies will not allow anyone to violate the law, and penalties will be imposed against those who violate the conditions of public safety, calling on clans and families to adopt a binding honor code that prohibits weddings and mourning homes in all governorates of the country until the end of the “Corona” crisis.

He said: Tomorrow he will chair two meetings of the Security Committee and the National Emergency Committee to study the measures and measures that will be taken with the end of the current five days of the comprehensive closure, on the morning of this week, Wednesday, in order to protect the citizens from the risks of the epidemic.

He announced that until the twenty-first of this month, the return of all our children stranded in all countries of the world will be completed, expressing his appreciation for the efforts made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Health, Civil Affairs, and crossings to ensure this safe return of our children.

The Minister of Health presented a report on the epidemiological situation in Palestine, in which she indicated the need to tighten the procedures to break the epidemic chain and work to raise the level of awareness among citizens about the serious risks of the virus, and to give thanks and appreciation support and support to medical teams that are struggling to protect citizens from the spread of the epidemic.

The Minister of Education presented the Ministry’s plan and preparations for the start of the new academic year, as the Council approved the Ministry’s proposal to adopt the integrated education model in the academic year 2020/2021, within the framework of an approved health protocol that provides safety and protection benefits for our students and the educational family.

The Council also stressed the need to make every effort to ensure the quality and fairness of the proposed model.

The Council approved the formation of a ministerial committee to support and assign the Ministry of Education’s plan to return to schools, in light of the distinguished success that resulted in the joint government effort in organizing the high school exam in light of the Koronic scene, where the results of the exam will be announced next Saturday.

He called on the citizens to refrain from any manifestations that would prejudice the precautionary measures and measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of society amid the steady rise in the number of injuries.

The Council appreciated the Ministry’s efforts in exchanging experiences with sisterly Arab countries and its efforts in exchanging experiences with ministries of education in sisterly Arab countries.

The following are the decisions taken by the Council:

  • Approving the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee to provide health facilities for the Hebron Governorate to counter the Corona pandemic.
  • Adoption of the integrated education model, which includes face-to-face and distance education, in accordance with health procedures.
  • Forming a ministerial committee to support and support the efforts of the Ministry of Education to return to schools in light of the Corona pandemic.
  • Approving a number of permits to purchase lands and apartments for non-Palestinian ID holders.
  • Approval of requests to rent government headquarters in Halhul and Nablus.