Congress members seek to deduct US aid to settlements

PNN/ Washington/

Internal pressure has mounted on the administration of US President Donald Trump to intervene and discourage the Israeli government from its intention to annex parts of the West Bank early next month.

In this regard, a new signatures petition was launched from within the US Congress today warning against Israel turning into an apartheid state, and that if it undertakes the implementation of annexing parts of the West Bank early next month, members of Congress will seek to link the annual aid amount to Israel of $ 3.8 billion To the extent of its commitment to human rights in Palestine, they will seek to deduct any amount that the Israeli government will spend on settlements from this aid.

The letter, a copy of which was obtained by Wafa and which was circulated in Congress to obtain signatures, was signed by five members: Rashida Tlaib, Alexandra Kurtz, Ilhan Omar, Pamela Jayapal and Pete McCallum

The petition is addressed to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and tens of members of Congress are expected to sign it, as extensive contacts are now under way to ensure others sign it.

The petition warns that the declared intention of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to annex parts of the West Bank will transform Israel into an apartheid state, which will prompt the signatories to place restrictions on US military aid to Israel by requiring its government to respect Palestinian human rights, while deducting what the government of Israel will spend on the settlements.

It indicated that implementing the annexation intentions would harm the possibility for the Palestinians and Israelis to coexist side by side in an equal and equal manner and with dignity.

The petition called on the US State Department to take immediate measures to prevent the implementation of the annexation by the Government of Israel, considering that implementing the annexation would harm US-Israeli and US-Palestinian relations for decades to come.

She pointed out that the implementation of the annexation takes place without the consent of the Palestinians, despite their declared rejection of the plan, their lack of negotiation over it, and their declared rejection of it, because it does not give them their rights stipulated by international laws and legitimacy.

The petition was based on the expectations of human rights organizations that the annexation would lead to a wave of violence against the Palestinians and the mass deportation of them from their lands, restrictions on their movement, expansion of settlements, demolition of homes, and preventing them from controlling their natural resources.

This petition comes in conjunction with 189 congressmen signing a letter addressed to the Israeli government criticizing its endeavor to annex parts of the West Bank, and also in conjunction with another message signed by 129 American organizations calling for US presidential candidate Joe Biden to announce clear positions against annexing the lands of the West Bank, and asking him to impose sanctions on Israel If you do that.