4854 Palesinian confirmed coronavirus cases, 168 deaths in diaspora & Within the Palestinian territories


4854 Palesinian confirmed coronavirus cases, 168 deaths in diaspora and Within the Palestinian territories according to reports issued by the relevant Palestinian ministries, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry announced late last night that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among Palestinians in the diaspora has risen to 2,509 while the death toll stood at 160, and recoveries reached 1,354.

It said 91 Palestinians tested positive for the virus in the US, bringing the total confirmed cases among Palestinian expatriates in that country to 1,121 as the death toll stood at 63.

Among the 91 cases new cases in the US, 80 contracted the virus after attending a wedding party in Chicago, 11 others were recorded in Dallas and Michigan.

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Within the Palestinian territories, Palestinian Minister of Health, Dr. Mai Keela, announced the death of eight Palestinians as a result of infection with the Coruna virus.

The last of these deaths was in the Hebron Governorate for a forty-year-old a woman and a seventy-year-old man in addition to Twenty-year-old girl in Jerusalem.

According Palestinian Minister of Health the woman has died of COVID-19 this morning bringing the total coronavirus-related death toll in Palestine to eight, and 97 new cases were confirmed in the West Bank, bring the total cases to 2345, today said Health Minister Mai Alkaila.

She said a 45-year-old woman from the southern West Bank district of Hebron has died due to the virus, making her the fourth patient to die of the disease in the West Bank. The other deaths include one in the Gaza Strip and three in occupied East Jerusalem.

Two other cases were reported in critical case and no respirators in West Bank hospitals out of 11 said to be in serious condition.

In addition, Alkaila said 97 new cases were confirmed in the West Bank this morning, mainly in the Hebron district, the new epicenter of the disease in Palestine, where 52 cases were reported, in addition to 27 in nearby Bethlehem district, five in Nablus district in the north of the West Bank, six in Izzariyeh, east of Jerusalem, two in Ramallah area, and one each in Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Jenin, Salfit, and Jericho.

The new cases brought the overall total of coronavirus cases in Palestine since the outbreak of the disease in early March to 2345, broken down into 2015 in the West Bank, 258 in East Jerusalem and 72 in the Gaza Strip.

In palestine recoveries have reached 621 total, including 390 in the West Bank, 57 in the Gaza Strip and 174 in East Jerusalem, leaving a total of 1,716 active cases.