MoH: The new wave of Corona virus is bigger

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Minister of Health, Dr. May Al-Kaila this morning announced over 100 new cases of COVID-19 this morning, raising the total number of cases in Palestine to 1,284.

In an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio today, the minister said that the village of Taffuh in Hebron is the largest hotspot of the virus, as well as the cities of Hebron and Halhul, noting that 1750 samples were taken since yesterday night until this morning and the results will be announced later.

Al-Kaila also confirmed that this wave of corona virus spread is greater than the previous one due to the big number of contacts, weddings and gatherings, and because of the lack of commitment to wearing of the mask and preventive and precautionary measures.

The minister pointed out that at this stage, random surveys were stopped and focus is placed on epidemiological maps and the orientation of foci where there are many infections.

She noted that 20% of the cases were elderly people and are more likely to be in a dangerous condition because their bodies cannot tolerate the virus, indicating that only one of the infected cases is in recovery, while the rest of the injured are in stable conditions.

She concluded by saying that the National Committee to Face the Corona Virus will meet next Thursday to study the developments of the epidemiological situation in Palestine.

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