IOA force two brothers to self-demolish their house in Silwan 

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem forced the brothers Firas and Iyad Daana from Silwan, east of the occupied city, to self-demolish their house, which is under construction on the pretext of not being licensed.

Iyad Daana said that although he and his brother sought to obtain permits for the house, the occupation municipality rejected, which led them to hire lawyers to annul the demolition decision.

Daana pointed out that the occupation municipality forced him and his brother to implement the decision to demolish in their hands, or they would be forced to pay more than 50,000 shekels in the event that the occupation demolished.

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Let us note that the occupation government and the municipality deliberately deprive Jerusalemites of their right to build and put obstacles in front of them, in an attempt to instill despair in the hearts of the population and force them to search for areas outside of Jerusalem for construction and housing, and thus displace citizens from the city of Jerusalem.

Since the beginning of this year, the occupation forced more than twenty Jerusalemites to demolish their homes under the pretext of not licensing, and after threatening them to pay heavy fines if it carried out the demolition process.

At a time when the occupation authorities are demolishing Palestinian homes, they are approving building permits for thousands of housing units in settlements on Jerusalem lands, as part of massive projects to isolate the city from its surroundings with a settlement belt.

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