Israel’s annexation plans will disintegrate Palestine into over 220 pieces of land: Dr. Barghouti 


The secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) has strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s controversial plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, saying such a move will break up Palestinian territories into 224 partitioned pieces of land.

“The Israeli administration is unequivocally planning to implement the annexation scheme, as it wants to exploit the opportunity of global preoccupation with the coronavirus pandemic and advance its plans even if [US President Donald] Trump concedes defeat in the upcoming elections,” Arabic-language Quds Press International News Agency quoted Barghouti .

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He added, “[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu also wants to use the annexation plan as a cover-up in the face of accusations of corruption leveled against him. But more importantly, the scheme is at the heart of Zionism and is the largest land grab operation [by Israel] since 1948.”

Commenting on the repercussions of the annexation plan, the PNI chief said the looming measure has “destroyed the possibility of the establishment of a Palestinian state, put an end to the prospect of negotiations with the Zionist regime, and demolished the [so-called] two-state solution.”

Barghouti concluded that the most proper response to Israel’s annexation plan is the one by the Palestinian Authority that severed all its agreements besides security coordination with the Israeli regime, and called for the formation of a joint Palestinian national leadership, dropping the strategy of betting on negotiations, and mounting popular resistance.

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