‘Annexation Plan’ implies massive land confiscation & ethnic cleansing

By: Madeeha Al-A’raj/ NBPRS/

The National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements (NBPRS)) stated in its latest weekly report that the Israeli Civil Administration is preparing to conduct a survey for the number of the Palestinian people currently residing in Areas C, which Israel intends to annex and impose its laws on them according to the ‘American Deal of the Century’ in order to specify their number, and to prevent new Palestinians from reaching these areas to obtain Israeli citizenship.

According to Israeli estimates, the annexation process will include more than 107,000 Palestinians in more than 43 villages and gatherings, whom will be given the choice to stay under Israeli control or moving to the Palestinian Authority areas in the West Bank, which clearly implies land confiscation, and ethnic cleansing, as well. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is giving much attention to the issue of annexation, fearing his political future, but under pressure from the internal opposition in Israel and international opposition to Israeli annexation plans, he could resort to a series of political maneuvers. Thus, he is meeting with heads of West Bank settlement councils, and with leaders of parties that participated in the government coalition to discuss the annexation scheme.

It seems that he is about to refrain from a wide annexation step from the West Bank under the international pressure, and due to the potential repercussions of the annexation in its current form at all security, economic and political levels, as the visit of German Foreign Minister, Haikou Maas to Israel was a live example on that, as well as the opposition of some of the settlers to Netanyahu’s plan claiming it delineates the borders, while imposing Israeli control and laws on all settlements in isolation from the annexation plan is accepted by the settlers, because imposing control and laws ensures that no final borders are defined, and implies the establishment of a Palestinian state.

As the date set for annexation is draw near, settlement plans and projects of the occupation authorities, and the flocks of settler gangs in various governorates of the West Bank continue under the occupation forces and police’ protection. The Municipality of Moshe Lyon is planning to implement a plan to Judaize large parts of the Jerusalem neighborhoods, such as Wadi Al-Joz, Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Masara by converting large areas there to a settlement investment center. The occupation municipality has begun implementing its plan by distributing orders to violate 200 commercial and industrial establishments in the industrial zone in Wadi Al-Joz to announce at a later time the start of the first phase of the plan, which seizes more than 2000 dunums. It is said that efforts are being made to secure settlers periodic incursions into these areas in the coming days, and that extreme settlers are working as volunteers within the excavations in the vicinity of the Al-Buraq Wall in preparation for opening a tunnel under excavation.

In the Nablus Governorate, the village of Asira al-Qibliya, south of Nablus, was attacked by settlers protected by the occupation forces in the eastern area, confrontations took place there, which ended with the withdrawal of settlers from the village towards the settlement of “Yitzhar”, while settlers from the “Rahalim” settlement damaged tires of 8 vehicles In the village of Al-Sawiya, south of Nablus, they also wrote racist slogans bearing the signature of “pay the price group” on the walls of several houses, calling for revenge against the Palestinians and slogans glorifying the Jewish people. They also burned a vehicle in the town of Zita, south of Nablus, and wrote racist slogans.

The occupation continues to build settlement roads in the northern West Bank, where they started removing and destroying hundreds of olive trees from the area between the junction of the settlement “Yitzhar” and the “Luna Park” park in the Hawara Plain in order to establish a special bypass road to serve the settlers south of Nablus, which runs from the “Yitzhar” settlement to the Za’tara checkpoint, leading to Al-Sawiya village, south of Nablus, reaches a 7-km-length, and confiscates 406 dunums. The bulldozers of the occupation also started to open a road in a mountainous area from the land of Furosh Beit Dajan, to the west of the settlement of “Al-Hamra”, which was built on Palestinian lands in the central Jordan Valleys, northeast of the West Bank.

In the Salfit Governorate, settlers from the “Brokhin” settlement built on the lands of Kafr al-Dik and Bruqin have cut down a number of olive trees in the northeastern region of the towns adjacent to the “Brokhin” settlement, and an area of ​​19 dunums planted with olive trees, while the occupation authorities notified the seizure of 160 dunums of Qalqilya Governorate’s lands. Moreover, dozens of citizens were handed over decisions to seize some of their lands in the villages of Habla in the south, and Nabi Elias to the east for the purpose of settlement expansion, knowing that some of these lands lie behind the Apartheid Wall.

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