IOF kill two Palestinians during the last 24 hours

Jerusalem/PNN/ Monjed Jadou

The Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinian youths in less than twenty-four hours in Jerusalem and Ramallah in a deliberate Israeli escalation.

According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli occupation soldiers and members of the Israeli police shot a young man after chasing him.

The witnesses said that the young man is a person with disabilities.The Israeli police claimed that the young man was carrying a suspicious object and fled after Police asked him to stop on one of old city checkpoint ,according to the Israeli claims.

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On Friday  Palestinian local media said that Israeli occupation forces had opened fire and killed a young Palestinian man who was driving his car in the vicinity of a settlement near the village of Nabi Saleh, located to the northwest of Ramallah.

Israeli sources claimed that the young man had been shot because he was seeking to enter the Halamish settlement. Others said the young man had attempted to run over several Israeli soldiers guarding the settlements.

The incident caused an uproar among the Palestinian villagers living in the area. Israeli soldiers then opened fire at the angry protesters.

Palestine’s media out let said a protester was injured during the clashes that erupted in Nabi Saleh.

Clashes in the occupied West Bank come as Israeli regime plans to roll out a highly controversial plan to annex territories it occupied against the international will after the 1997 war with Arab countries.

The Palestinian  government has repeatedly warned that the implementation of the plan, which has gained the approval of the Israeli cabinet and parliament, would spark huge unrest in the West Bank and other Palestinian territories.

The plan also faces growing international criticism as governments around the world continue to condemn it as a violation of United Nations resolutions on the status of Palestine.

Opponents say lands that Israel plan to annex by relying on extensive support from the United States are those that Palestinians seek to establish as their future state.

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