Tel Aviv hospital guards murder Palestinian man in front of his mother

Bethlehem/PNN/ Najeeb Farraj-

A video documented the hideous shooting of a 27-year-old Palestinian man, Mustafa Younis, from Aara town in the 1948, by the Israeli hospital guards on Wednesday noon.

The video shows three security having a verbal argument with the man, who went to Sheba hospital in Tel Aviv with his mother. His family told PNN later that he was epileptic and went into the hospital for treatment.

The argument turned into a fight. Immediately, the three security men had subjected him to the ground and then fired seven bullets at him from close range, killing him on the spot, in front of his mother’s eyes.

Israeli sources claimed that the Mustafa tried to stab the guards, claiming that one of them was injured.

“My brother was murdered in cold blood,” said Mahmoud Younis, Mustafa’s younger brother. He went Israeli Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv at noon today, which refutes the official Israeli account that claimed that the martyr stabbed one of the guards.

In this regard, the victim’s uncle, Dr. Issam Younis told PNN reporter that Mustafa went to the hospital with his mother, who was driving the car for treatment, where he suffers from epilepsy. “He used to come to the hospital to continue treatment every six months, and he had already been there several months ago. For four days, he was preparing for a brain procedure, and he used to regularly come to the  hospital. Apparently a fight broke out between him and one of the hospital guards, who asked him to wear a muzzle, and the victim replied that he could not tell him to wear a muzzle while he was not wearing it, and apparently the discussion was intense.”

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He added: “In the aftermath, Mustafa had to return to his mother in the car, so three guards pounced on him, opened the jeep on him, pulled him out of the car, dragged him a few meters away and then shot him, and all this was done in front of his mother. They then claimed that he stabbed the deputy head of the Guard Service in the hospital. This calls for a serious investigation to find out the truth, especially since it came from official statements that he did not mention that the victim was killed in cold blood.

A police statement said, “Initial investigations indicated that the young man arrived at the hospital to receive medical treatment, and after the apparent completion of an argument between him and another citizen in the place, he took out his knife and tried to stab him but he did not succeed. When the security personnel arrived, he stabbed one of them and they fired Bullets towards him,” according to Israeli allegations.

Reports of the fate of hospital guards were mixed about whether they were arrested or not, but it is certain that they were called to a police station to provide a statement about the accident, while citizens confirm that they will obtain a patent, as in previous similar attacks.

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