IOF demolish West Bank family home of Palestinian detainee


Israeli occupation forces, in a dawn raid, embarked on demolishing a house belonging to the family of Palestinian prisoner Qassam al-Barghouthi in the town of Kobar in the occupied West Bank.

According to the Palestinian local media outlet, following the demolition, crowds gathered at the site and protested against the Israeli regime.

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According to eyewitnesses large army force raided the village and proceeded to the area where the home of Qassam Barghouti, who is detained in Israel on charges of taking part in the alleged killing of an Israeli last year, where an army bulldozer demolished the top floor of the two-story building of the Barghouti family and destroyed trees around it.

They attacked the protesters with rubber bullets and a volley of tear gas and stun grenades, wounding at least one protester in his face, the report added.

Barghouthi was abducted by Israeli forces in September last year and since then has been exposed to harsh interrogation and physical torture, the report said, adding that he was accused of carrying out an alleged bombing operation at Ein Bubin spring near the Israeli settlement of Dolev in August 2019.

Qassam’s mother, Widad Barghouti, a media instructor at Birzeit University, was also detained on September 1 of last year following the arrest of her son. She was recently released.

Family homes of two other Palestinians suspected of taking part in the same operation that left one Israeli settler dead were also demolished in March and April. The homes belonged to the families of the two brothers, Saleh Barghouti, who was shot dead by the army, and Assem Barghouti, who is in prison.

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