Jesus covering face with Keffiyeh” in Bethlehem to celebrate World Keffiyeh Day


Street Artist CAKE$ painted “Jesus covering face with Keffiyeh” in Bethlehem to celebrate World Keffiyeh Day and fight with COVID-19 Outbreak.

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The 11th of May is the World Keffiyeh Day. The Palestinian keffiyeh is a black and white checkered scarf that has taken on a significant meaning in the past few decades. We all know photos of Yasser Arafat wearing the scarf on a daily basis. As a representative of Palestine in its fight for freedom from oppression and displacement.

This year Keffiyeh day has even more significant meaning because of COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 Traditional Palestinian scarf is not only political statement and the most iconic symbol of Palestine. But it reminds us it is good to cover our face when we are in public.

On this occasion In Bethlehem, just couple kilometers from the Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born Street artist named CAKE$ did a painting of Jesus covering his face with Kufiya. He stenciled it in front of Isreali watch towers full of israeli soldiers just waiting to arrest him as they did several times before with other artists (for example in 2018 with two italian artists who were painting image of Ahed al Tamimi1).

As CAKE$ speaks strongly himself: “Today People all over the world wearing the keffiyeh offer support to Palestinians in their struggle for freedom. There is no better place to make my statement than near the separation wall: symbol of opression and the violation of palestinians rights.

Because of pandemic this stencil is also caution sign for locals that you need to cover your face to protect yourself and others. New study and computer model provide fresh evidence for a simple solution to help us emerge from this nightmarish lockdown. The formula? Always social distance in public and, most importantly, wear a mask, scarf or bandana.2 Kufiya is perfect choice” he finishes.

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