PGFTU warns against Israel breaking obligations towards Palestinian workers 

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Secretary General of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), Shaher Saad,  warned against the lack of seriousness of the Israeli side in inviting workers to return to the Israeli labor market, amid claims of measures that guarantee their safety, according to the press statement issued by the Israeli Minister of Construction and Housing, Yifat Shasha Biton on Tuesday.

The Israeli Occupation Authorities said they will allow the return of 36,400 workers to their workplaces in the field of building and construction, after the aforementioned Ministry published a strict list of instructions and specialized instructions in the field of construction.

Saad reminded of what happened to the workers last March, who were suspected of being infected with the Corona virus, calling for the treatment of Palestinian workers on an equal footing with migrant workers to Israel, to which Israeli law guaranteed all their rights, especially the provision of housing and the provision of health and safety tools and tools, Including medical examination, obtaining health insurance, and giving them a fair wage.

It should be noted here that within the plan of the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing, thousands of Palestinian workers will be allowed to enter alternately and gradually, for the first group and estimated at 36400 workers, who will return to their homes after three weeks and be replaced by others, according to the new mechanism, within strict health monitoring measures – we hope Be binding on Israeli employers – because it would reduce the possibility of a virus outbreak among workers.

Also, according to the same plan, workers will be transported to and from workplaces in private cars or buses, for more control and control in accordance with the Israeli plan.

Saad concluded his comment on the Israeli minister’s statement, by calling on workers to exercise utmost care and caution, and to avoid mixing with other groups, in order to preserve their health and safety.

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