MADA demands Facebook to support Palestinian media and increase the capacity of its and CSOs on the platform.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” sent a letter to Facebook Company in which it called for allocating a specific part of the “Facebook Journalism Project ” dedicated to supporting media and journalists in the world, for which $ 100 million was allocated in order to support the independent Palestinian media, which is going through extremely difficult circumstances, especially after the spread of the COVID -19 pandemic.

Before that, the independent Palestinian media due to the Israeli occupation policies aimed at silencing the Palestinian media, and because of its control over the crossings and borders, and natural resources in particular in what is known as area C, which makes up 60% of the area of the West Bank. In addition to the measures of the Israeli closures and barriers and GAZA, which prevented the growth of the Palestinian economy over the past five decades and affected the income of media organizations from the advertisement.

The letter from MADA emphasized that supporting the Palestinian media during this difficult period is crucial and will allow Palestinian citizens to obtain reliable information, and to promote pluralism and freedom of expression.

MADA also expressed its hope that Facebook will increase the reachability of the sites of these outlets and the sites of civil society organizations on Facebook to serve the aforementioned purposes, and to limit the spread of false and misleading news.

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