PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled. Source:

Khaled : Trump, a president who is not worthy of leadership, trust, or respect


Tayseer Khaled, member of the executive committee of the PLO, member of the Political Bureau of the democratic front of the liberation of Palestine, described, on Thursday, in a blog on his social media sites, US President Donald Trump as a president who is not worthy of leadership, trust or respect.

He added: “It is clear that the American president is trying to cover up his failure and the level of support for him as a potential president decreased in the next round of presidential elections in the United States of America scheduled for next November by exporting his crises with ill-conceived decisions and lacking wisdom, sometimes with the Republic of China, another with the World Health Organization. “

He added that the US President ordered to suspend the financial contribution of the United States to the world health organization ( WHO ), which amounts to about 400 million dollars, due to what he called the mismanagement of the United Nations Organization for the spread of the Coronavirus and its collusion with China in the lack of transparency and withholding information about this dangerous virus. The issue here is not transparency in China’s dealings with this virus, but rather China’s transition from its containment to gradually returning economic life to normal and the challenge it poses to the United States. Corona shortened the distance between the United States and China, and the mismanagement of the US President opened the way for China to lead the global world economy

Khaled concluded said: “This is a president who is not worthy of leadership, trust or respect, for he punishes every international organization that disagrees with him, either by withdrawing from it or by stopping US funding or by both penalties.

We have to remember how the United States withdrew from UNESCO and suspended its financial contribution to it just because it accepted Palestine membership in 2011, and how the administration deny the rights of Palestinian refugees by punishing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) by stopping the United States’ contribution to its budget.

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