Palestine confirms second coronavirus death & confirms three new cases


Palestine Friday afternoon announced the second death from the novel coronavirus confirms three new coronavirus cases which raised the number of people infected in Palestine to 266.

Government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem announced that Naji Mahmoud al-Mudalal, 55, a resident of Barta’a town, west of Jenin, died several days after contracting the highly infectious coronavirus.

Hailing originally from Seida town, northeast of Tulkarem, al-Mudalal, a butcher, contracted the virus while working at his butcher shop in Barta’a after coming into contact with Israeli merchants.

He was first admitted to Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarem, and, as a result of the seriousness of his condition, given his chronic diseases, he has rushed four days ago to Hugo Chavez Hospital in the Ramallah-district town of Turmus Ayya, where he died.

The first coronavirus fatality was of a woman, in her 60s, from Biddu town, northwest of Jerusalem. She contracted the virus from her son, who used to work in Israel.

Al-Mudalal was laid to his rest today afternoon in his hometown of Seida amidst tightened precautionary restrictions.

Speaking in the daily morning briefing, Government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem announced that a young woman, in her 20s, from Halhul city, north of Hebron, tested positive for the deadly virus. She contracted the virus after coming in contact with her infected parents.

He added that the other two cases are for a seven-year-old female child and her 25-year-old sister from Artas village, southwest of Bethlehem.

The child, he elaborated, contracted the virus after being in contact with her mother, who was infected with the virus after coming in contact with her son, who works as a maintenance attendant at a bus repair shop in the nearby Israeli colonial settlement of Gush Etzion.

Meanwhile, Milhem noted that the samples for 25 suspected cases from Beit Sakarya village, southwest of Bethlehem, were tested, and the test results were all negative.

He added that the number of COVID-19 patients who recovered increased to 45, including nine in the besieged Gaza Strip.