15 new Coronavirus cases bring total number to 134 in Palestine

PNN/ Ramallah/

Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem announced today, Wednesday, that 15 new injuries had been recorded for Palestinian workers from the Ramallah and Jerusalem governorates, bringing the total number of injuries in Palestine to 134.

The spokesman added in the morning briefing, that the 15 injuries were for workers working in a chicken factory in the settlement of “Atarot”, adding that they are among the 25 Palestinian workers in that factory, indicating that the latest cases are a sign of danger, saying that “we entered a new sequence.”

Melhem said that the workers were transported directly from the factory to the quarantine via bus, adding that health reports confirmed that 7 of these workers went to their homes in their villages, which are Deir al-Sudan, Shuqba, Khirbet al-Musbah Beitunia, adding that they have mixed with some People, stressing that the medical teams went to these villages to take samples of the people around them.

Melhem stressed the need to double the precautionary preventive measures to prevent an outbreak of the pandemic, adding that the workers are the  gap from which the epidemic is carried out to our lands, stressing the need to bridge this gap.

He stressed the possibility of restricting the epidemic and reducing its spread, if we adhere to government measures.

And that the tests that took place yesterday, Tuesday, for the quarantined citizens returning from Jordan, are all safe, and they were subjected to house quarantine.

Melhem thanked the Jordanian government for responding to the communication between President Abbas and the Jordanian monarch to facilitate the return of the Palestinians.

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