IOF demolish home under construction in Tulkarm

PNN/ Tulkarm/

Israeli occupation bulldozers on Tuesday demolished a house under construction at the entrance to the village of Jbara, south of Tulkarm city, northern West Bank.

The head of the Jbara village council, Ihssan Tahseen, said that large forces from the occupation army accompanied by two bulldozers cordoned off the place this morning, after they closed the entrances to the village from the eastern and western sides, and prevented citizens from entering or leaving it, before they demolished the house.

He explained that the one-storey house belonged to Khaled Hussein from the village of Kafr Abboush, who had received orders from the occupation, before the end of the construction, on the pretext of not licensing.

It is reported that this house is among a number of houses threatened with demolition, on the pretext of not being licensed, as three houses were demolished in the same place last year.

Tahseen pointed out that the arguments of the occupation to demolish the houses and empty the land from their owners are weak, which is an excuse that these are targeted areas for acquisition, especially that if citizens apply for building permits, the occupation will be rejected, even though they are their lands and they have proof of that.

The village’s lands are under attack by the occupation since the announcement of the “deal of the century”, and attempts by it to seize hundreds of acres of its agricultural lands, to establish a new settlement industrial zone.