Prisoners: Don’t let our cells to turn into graves

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Palestinian prisoners today sent a letter to human rights institutions and to the peoples entitled: “Save us from Corona so that our prison cells do not turn into graves.”

The message, which PNN attained a copy of, was sent by the prisoners, stating that they are sensing the increasing danger to their lives day after day, and hour after hour with the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, which is threatening the entire world.

“We hear daily instructions from the Israeli government, and from all the governments of the world to their people to prevent the virus from spreading further, we do not hear nor see any serious measures answering our questions. What if the disease broke out in prisons? What are the practical measures that can be implemented humanely by the prison administration?” the letter cites.

“We do not hear from the prison administration except them saying they have taken precautions, but that is only misleading, especially with the presence of hundreds of prisoners who suffer from health problems, some of which are very dangerous, not to mention those who suffer shortness of breath, heart illness, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases,” the prisoners added.

The letter address appeal to the world and to all those concerned with human rights.

“The only way and hope in trying to save the spread of this disease is due diligence, prevention and hygiene procedures, and the Israeli prison administration does not provide us with the required sterilization supplies and tools or even gags except for formalities that are more like threats rather than conducting tests or taking precautions, knowing that we only have contact with the outside world During the jailers who are indifferent to their approach to us and possibly the virus passed them on to us, they in turn are more able to take their measures and precautions by moving away from the public and the necessary treatment.”

The prisoners held the prison administration and the Israeli government responsible for their lives, calling on the world not to abandon them in prisons.

The letter included the names of 35 prisoners who suffer from health issues and chronic diseases whose lives would be dangerously threatened in case of an outbreak.

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