Bethlehem governor to announce emergency state in villages close to settlements

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The governor of Bethlehem, Major General Kamel Hmaid on Sunday said that there will be tighter movement restrictions and new measures to protect people from the “Coronavirus outbreak during the coming days, calling for more cooperation from citizens in all locations.

In a press statement issued by the Governorate’s Media Department, the governor said that a plan is now required to protect our workers and families in villages outside direct Palestinian security control, indicating that one of the most important forms of infection is through laborers working in settlements.

The Governor pointed out the Israeli reports and statistics that indicate the occurrence of major cases of infection among the settlers, calling for the need to take preventive measures, including announcing an emergency state in the nearby villages, equipping these villages with medical centers and preparing them for any emergencies.

He said that the next stage requires group efforts and preparations in all regions, especially the eastern, western and southern countrysides of Bethlehem, calling on local committees and councils in these areas to raise their preparedness in the field, in addition to raising the pace of coordination with the provincial high emergency committee.

The number of coronavirus cases in Palestine last night hit 53, 17 of whom were recovered in Bethlehem and are currently in home quarantines.

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