Three new coronavirus cases of students who returned to Palestine

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, said today, Thursday, that the government may resort to taking tougher measures in light of the emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melhem announced that three new infections with the Corona virus were recorded in Palestine, one of which was for a returnee from Egypt and was from Nablus governorate, and the other two cases of two students who returned from France to Ramallah, bringing the total of those infected in Palestine to 47.

Melhem said that the safety of the community rises above the freedom of the individual, noting that the government deals with a high responsibility, and that the safety of society takes precedence over the freedom of individuals.

Melhem stated that he trusts in the wisdom of the supervisors in the management of football matches and championships, to take appropriate decisions, and that matches around the world have been quarantined and suspended.

He stressed that the social interest is more important than all social and sports activities, and noted that the government cannot provide large budgets as other countries because we are a poor country, so the state takes precautionary measures to reduce losses, with simple capabilities and modest budgets. The government goes to prevention to avoid what other governments around the world go to .

Melhem thanked the security services for what they do in these cases, especially in the Bethlehem area.

He announced that the government is following up on the conditions of prisoners in Israeli detention centers, and Shtayyeh has sent a number of messages to countries of the world to protect the prisoners and release them.

He said that the mentality of oppression by the Israeli forces, did not take into consideration such a pandemic, bearing Israel fully responsible for what is exposed to the prisoners in the occupation prisons.

He indicated that his government is highly coordinated with the Israelis to curb the epidemic and stop it.

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