Shin Bet to track corona patients and their families

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At midnight, the Israeli government approved emergency regulations and instructions that allow the Shin Bet security service to track the phones of Corona patients and their family members.

The endorsement came through telephone consultations held by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with all the ministers, that the new regulations allow the “Shin Bet” to use electronic and digital means to track Corona patients, under the pretext of preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus in “Israel”, which was registered until evening Monday 298 injuries.

The new instructions allow the “Shin Bet” device to track cell phones for people infected with Coronavirus and people in their surroundings in the 14 days before the diagnosis, to inform them through a text message that they must enter the quarantine and isolation.

Commenting on the approval of these instructions by the Israeli government, the head of the “Shin Bet”, Nadav Argaman, said that “a small group of the agency that will take over the process of tracking corona patients, but without collecting information about them that is obtained during the tracking period in the archive of the device.”

Ergmann explained that the information that the “Shin Bet” will collect will be transferred directly to the Ministry of Health for use in order to save human lives.

According to the instructions approved by the Israeli government under the emergency regulations, these instructions will be able to change laws or cancel laws temporarily for a period of 30 days, while allowing the use of digital means and mechanisms that would help prevent the spread of the virus, according to the government’s decision.

The approval of these instructions comes despite the decision of the Foreign and Security Committee, which held a special session according to the request of the Judicial Adviser to the Israeli government, Avihai Mandelblit, who required that the “Shin Bet” be granted such powers by the committee approving the instructions, but the committee refused to ratify the instructions, and on Despite this, the Israeli government approved it.

To overcome the position of the Foreign and Security Committee, Netanyahu used the emergency regulations in force in Israel from 1946, as the committee justified its position rejecting such instructions and regulations that it did not obtain a report from a specialized committee that examined the implications of granting the “Shin Bet” such powers to freedoms in ” Israel”.

The ratification of these regulations came hours after Netanyahu declared a state of emergency and imposed further measures and restrictions on the work of the public and government sectors, provided that the private sector continues to work under limited emergency systems, with the aim of limiting the spread of the virus in “Israel”, and that the state will continue Emergency, until the end of Easter in mid-April.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced a series of measures and decisions that would maintain the economy’s durability and provide support to medium and small business interests, by allocating budgets of 8 billion shekels in loans to guarantee the Israeli government, and labor offices also pledged to register everyone who was referred to an unpaid vacation, and granted 6-month unemployment benefit.

Kahlon also announced the postponement of the payment of taxes, tax dues and arnona to commercial reconciliation owners, and also the payment of unemployment dues of up to 6 thousand shekels a month for a period of six months to the independent stakeholder who incurred losses as a result of the emergency instructions in place to limit the spread of the virus in “Israel”.

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