PA spokesman: Health condition of 38 Coronavirus patients is stable  

PNN/ Ramallah/

The government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem confirmed on Sunday, that the health of the 38 people infected with the coronavirus is stable and reassuring.

In his daily briefing this morning, Melhem that the signs indicate control over the virus, especially in light of the precautionary measures taken by the government, adding that Palestine will emerge from the epidemic and we are more immune and powerful by virtue of these measures.

Regarding the three cases that appeared yesterday, Melhem said that the cases were in contact with the patients, and were already in home quarantine as precautionary measure, where they did not contact other people.

Regarding the rumors that appear from time to time, Melhem stressed that “we are fighting the rumors with information and pumping information on an official level to eliminate the rumors, and we have daily media briefings, in addition to a media committee that monitors and provides all the information.”

He continued: “Since day one, the government took the principle of freedoms, disclosure, and frankness without concealing or obscuring any information, and when the virus appeared, this principle was strengthened, and we believe that disclosure and clarity are the treatment for many crises, and this is why we initiated the frankness of citizens because we respect them and respect their minds.”

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