PA conducts second reading of 2020 budget in light of Coronavirus

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Cabinet of Ministers on Saturday evening held an emergency session at t in the city of Ramallah, headed by Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, to hold the second reading of the general budget for 2020, in light of the possible financial and economic repercussions of the Corona virus, and the slowdown that The global economy is experiencing it, and the treasury has serious challenges in its ability to achieve local revenue assumptions from customs and tax duties.

During the four and a half hour discussions, the council also discussed scenarios to deal with all these repercussions in a manner that preserves the wheel of the national economy.

Finance Minister Shukri Bishara presented a comprehensive presentation of the general budget, reviewing a number of scenarios in the way of dealing with possible repercussions on the national economy, indicating the importance of adhering to development plans, enhancing investment opportunities, and preserving the share of the poor in the budget, in light of expectations of declining incomes and high unemployment rates Because of the financial and economic implications of the virus.

The Minister also presented a plan to confront the expected scenarios of the global epidemic and the financial costs that may result from facing it and reducing its spread.

At the beginning of the session, the Prime Minister called for a review of the expenditure map and rationalization of consumption to face the costs that may be incurred by the government in limiting the spread of the virus, which the government is working to reduce the area of ​​its spread and besieging it in the region where it was discovered in the Bethlehem Governorate, expressing its greetings The people of the governorate, and their patience, solidarity and harmony in facing the virus.

He reviewed the wintering of efforts, preventive measures and measures taken by all state agencies to prevent the spread of the epidemic, pointing to the World Health Organization’s praise for those efforts which it described as exceeding what is recommended of them.

The Prime Minister praised all health, security, media, civil defense and governors’ teams for their efforts to besiege the epidemic, expressing his appreciation for those efforts.

The Minister of Health presented a report on the prevailing health conditions and the efforts made by the medical teams in preventing the outbreak of the epidemic and the detention, detention and hospital centers that the Ministry prepared in all governorates to besiege the epidemic.

The Cabinet praised the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs’s decision to close mosques and churches and limit prayers in homes to preserve the health of worshipers and the safety of society, as part of strict preventive measures and measures to block the epidemic, calling on citizens to adhere to these measures in order to ensure their safety, indicating that the government may have to take measures Tougher to protect citizens.

The council warned against promoting rumors and the negative effects they cause on society’s security and safety, indicating that a number of rumor-mongers were arrested and referred to the judiciary.

The Council also praised the commitment of citizens and their adherence to the instructions issued by all state agencies to contribute to besieging the epidemic, calling on citizens to stop shaking hands and kissing and stay away from gatherings and conferences.

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